Who we are?

MAHIR KNITWEAR, a Garments/Apparel Buying house produces, with passion and fervor, great men items of cloths, addressed to a more exigent public, who always seeks for excellent quality and accessible prices.

We feel proud when our customers love what they wear; therefore, we strive hard to take care of details with dedication and attention, always researching for new fabrics, washing effects and new styles.

Our key factor is the “garment dye”, which characterizes each collection we develop with unique shades and sensations, rendering each product a natural vintage look.

Following international tendencies, but always preserving classic and vintage features, we work to obtain a final product that is qualitative, innovative, and at the same time in perfect harmony with actual exigencies. To conclude, all our products never diverge form the concept of a well-made tailor’s garment: elegant, stylish, long lasting, and perfect!


MAHIR KNITWEAR has been consistently striving to position themselves as one of the most suitable in the garments sourcing house. The efficient management of ALD pay due care for the prosperous life of the employee and make sure as reliable business partner to the valued customers by providing different experience to them as per as high quality garments and horizontal services are concerned. We have established, documented, implemented and also maintain a number of policies with a view to improve the working condition, exercise good management system and also to maintain work life balancing for the people working here.


Goals and objectives are important to any business enterprise, as they clarify the purpose of the business and help identify necessary actions. Therefore, we also have a specified goal to strive for significant business growth every year as far business volume and revenue are concerned. To accomplish our goal, we believe in repeat business from the same customer however, we ensured a bunch of self-driven and motivated work force to meet the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.